Belle Delphine OnlyFansis a 19-year-old English model and cosplayer. She is known on the internet because of her sensual photos in which she makes facial expressions inspired by Japanese glamour photography.

Although she has been producing content for the internet since 2015, Belle ended up gaining greater notoriety in 2019. She then decided to sell pots of water in which she was supposed to have bathed, calling it "GamerGirl Bath Water".

Her initiative caught the attention of the internet, generating dozens of comments and memes. Many considered her a genius because she was able to "get money" from gamers.

How did Belle Delphine become known on the internet?

In March 2018, Belle Delphine created her Patreon, a crowdfunding site where people pay subscriptions to have exclusive content.

Her account was titled "Belle Delphine is creating photos and indecent content". In September, Belle started posting themed photos, which are facial expressions. That usually involves rolled eyes and tongue out. Belle started to become known for this type of content, and her photos and videos on Instagram reached 3 million likes.

Much of the content created by the girl also borders on nonsense, with videos of her playing with a dead octopus. Or she was giving photos inside a refrigerator, which ended up becoming memes on sites like Reddit and 9gag.

Belle Delphine starts trolling her fans on the internet In June 2019. Also, Belle Delphine made a post on her Instagram, where she promised to create an account on the hot website.

In five days, the post reached more than 1.8 million likes and the girl created the account, as promised. However, despite her provocative video titles, none of them had improper content.

For example, in one of her videos, entitled "Belle Delphine playing with her pussy” she appears only playing with a plush cat. With that, several memes began to appear on the internet, about how Belle Delphine had deceived all her followers.

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